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Part Monster Advice

Part Monster Advice

  • Car Polishing
    Car Polishing
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    Let’s talk about car polishing compounds and go old school and use one of my personal favourites, Farecla G3 Paste. Why G3? Well, it’s been on the market for years and is still a good seller. It actually does what it says on the tin, it’s versatile and one of the most cost-effective products, if not the most cost-effective on the market.

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  • Advice On Repairing A Scratched Vehicle
    Advice On Repairing A Scratched Vehicle
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    It can be extremely annoying when you discover a scratch on your car, but you shouldn't let it send you into a meltdown.

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  • Advice on Driving in Europe
    Advice on Driving in Europe
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    Does the thought of being behind the wheel in mainland Europe send you into a cold sweat? The roundabouts, language and unfamiliar driving etiquette make many UK drivers uneasy at the prospect or worse still, unwilling to even give it a try. Add in some native driving legislation and over-zealous law enforcers, and the holiday could soon lose its appeal.

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